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Welcome to Mioritic de Gotca Kennel!

By buying a mioritic dog, you will convince yourselves that this dog is the most loving Romanian Shepherd dog and you will feel safe around him. In case you will take part in a show, be sure you are accompanied by a BEST!

My love for this proud Romanian dog started in my childhood when a friend of mine - Mos Petrea - had a dog for his sheeps who was similar to the nowadays Romanian Mioritic Shepherd who fascinated me.

By coincidence, our godfather, Florin Negrea, brought us as a present a 3-month-old Romanian Mioritic Shepherd puppy called ”Hoinar de Tunari” from whom my life as a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd breeder began.

The first exhibition I took part in was at Sibiu in 2006, where the results were according to our expectations, namely modest ones. After this exhibition I realized the mistakes I was making, the biggest being that I didn’t have quality or “genetically valuable” animals. Just like any Romanian beginner, I had tried to do something out of nothing, but I realized, due to exhibitions, that I had to buy a valuable dog from a valuable kennel and this was Iarostar whom I bought from my competitor, Puiu Pal, who, although my opponent, taught me step-by-step a lot of the breeder’s secrets, and after, I was also helped by Mrs. Ionesi and her daughter, owners of the Tender Ebony kennel.

The first valuable mating in my kennel was between Cara de Tunari and Iaro Elan, which resulted in Anita de Gotca and Alin de Gotca, dogs who, because of my beginnings in breeding mioritic dogs, I gave in co-propriety to Sima family in Prejmer and Catean in Rodbav.

When being juniors, these two dogs gave me special satisfactions: Anita de Gotca obtained in 2008 the title of World Champion at Juniors and Best Junior at the World Dog Show Stockholm, European Champion at European Dog Show Budapest, 8 X RPJ, 2X Excellent 2 and 2X Excellent 4.

Due to these dogs, through different mating, I hope to make a name in mioritic breeding in Romania.

Because I have been practicing judo professionally for 40 years now, I intend to apply the same philosophy in breeding mioritic dogs that I applied in my training which led to a lot of satisfactions in sports. I admit that at the intermediate level and over, I do not have important results yet. But I can easily prove that the mioritic breeder and some referee’s opinion that for this race there is no physical effort during breeding is wrong. I can actually prove it, as none of my dogs presented in Baby, Puppy and Junior categories in all exhibitions had problems with their hind legs, as they had been running much, according to their age and given food.

My thinking: we take 2 plump 3-grade children, we train one of them for judo or fights and we let the other one to have a normal life. We re-analyze them 20 years later. We will see that the one that had a life without any physical exercise will be “fluffy”, fat and will not be able to run 20 m or lift 30-40 kg, and the second one, at the same age, will be a vigorous sportsman, still fat, probably a champion at the overweight category.

I am certain that we, Romanians, as we don’t love sports much, didn’t think that even well-trained animals can have excellent results at physical level, no matter the breed size.
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