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Canisa de Gotca (Gotca Kennel) – 2011

Balance The year that ended 2 months ago was a very good one for my kennel, as on the whole the results obtained by my dogs were very good. I've started the year with 3 dogs: FAG ,GORUN and IORDAN (who was only 8 days old). Meanwhile, ALMA TASHA HOUSE (Gorun’s daughter) and JAD de GOTCA came into the kennel, while GORUN left it for Austria in summer!!!

The first exhibition was in Slobozia where I took part with gorun and Iordan. Last year’s results were:
1) FAG de GOTCA (t. Alin de Gotca & Molda) 2-exc II, 9-BOB, 2-BOG,1-reserve BOG,1- reserve BIS,1- place 3 BIS

2) GORUN de GOTCA (t.Vifor Cristerier & m.Molda) 2-exc ll, 1-exc lv, 1-rpj

3) IORDAN de GOTCA (t. Iaro Sta r& m.Fraga de Gotca) 5-exc l, 1-exc ll, 1-BOB.

4) JAD de GOTCA (t.Alin de Gotca, & m Grema de Gotca) 2-fp1

5) ALMA CASA TASHA (t Gorun de Gotca & m. Heri de Tunari) 4-fp1.

In my opinion, the judging was fair, except for the first day of Alba Iulia CAC when Fag obtained exc II without the judge motivating why, but the next day everybody could see his actual value when he obtained reserve BIS. As regards Alba Iulia, I want to mention the fact that I did not want to take part in mioritic club expo for personal reasons, but concerning the mioritic selection I did what I had to do by accepting the blood sampling from the two male dogs ( FAG and GORUN). I am sure that some of the mioritic owners that participated in Alba Iulia CAC thought that I didn’t participate for the club BECAUSE Fag had lost at the class. This was not the reason why, but because I do not appreciate the management of the Mioritic Club in Romania.

In our country, there is no respect for the club competitions as there is in the rest of Europe. This year (2012) I am going to ignore my personal issues regarding the competence of the management of the club, and according to my possibilities I will participate in the club show, so that I will not stand in the way of my dogs that have a high value, some were already proven.

As objective as I can be, I have to say that my dogs had poor results in Paris World Dog Show, as Gorun got excellent 2 out of two participants, and Fag got the winner’s title as it was the only one in his class!!

Hopefully, this year my kennel will get better results. I cannot end this brief balance until I highlight that fact that Romanian people have to „wake up” so that we do not „attack”each other as the danger comes from outside our country, particularly from Austria. Barbara F. will catch up with us very fast as she has very good dogs and also because she takes part in many competitions. I can see on facebook that she has beautiful dogs with European results but she also comes to Romanian shows. Personally, I think that once she is on top we will have much trouble competing with her.

Again, from Europe, De Apuseni Kennel competitive dogs come, and this kennel has given many valuable mioritic dogs to Western and Central European owners. Personally, I enjoy competition from outside Romania because it is the only way to make some Romanians understand that the mioritic dog has to be groomed and not only „traditionally”combed, as they say , that is closer to the sheepfold appearence!!!

Canisa de Gotca (Gotca Kennel) RESOLUTIONS for 2102

Given my philosophy, the competition will be a priority this year also as regards the mioritic in our family. As I am retired, I do not have the chance to enter a competition at work anymore, plus this year there is no judo competition that I can go to to fight in provided I am still healthy. Consequently, my hope of being among the first ones is my 4 dogs with whom I will approach the shows this years, of course according to the financial possiblities that are a problem, thogh I am not complaining, as there is nobody that obliges me to do it. My age does not allow me to make a plan as to obtain a line that can represent me as a kennel, that is why I am trying to have the best dogs I can have, whose temper to be a priority and not the white colour with spots which helps their sale.

Because I love competition, this year I will try to take with FAG de GOTCA and IORDAN de GOTCA particularly to the competitions where there could be current values of the mioritic so that they compete with them. I do not embrace the idea that the dog should have as many BOBs as possible, obtained in shows where the participation is minimum.

For me it is also important that if I have a valuable dog, I will promote it as much as possible so that several enjoy the beauty of this special Romanian breed. I hope that this year also the judges of the competition I will participate in will be as objective as possible.

Surely, the 2012 challenge will be the Bucharest European Show in autumn. For me, personally, the great challenge is to take my 4 dogs in the competition shape to Salzburg World Dog Show in May ,as well as the European one. We all know that this is very hard to do, especially to a breed like the mioritic, plus my present dogs are of different ages and thus different hair.

At present, FAG is 2.5 years old, IORDAN 14 months old, ALMA 8.5 months old and JAD 7 months old. As resolutions, of course, I want to obtain at least BOB at the two important competitions (the world and European ones). I will do my best but, in case this doesn’t happen, „life will go on”.

I want to let you know starting with this moment that after the European show, ONE, if not TWO out of the THREE male dogs (FAG, IORDAN,JAD) will be FOR SALE, because I cannot afford it financially if not technically to keep them all at home in the zero sone of Brasov. The three of them have a very good TEMPER, very good intelligence, in my opinion, and value (Fag already confirmed it, I think) we will see at the end of the cycle, but personally I think it will be a very good one. I am already signed up for Arad Show with Fag and Iordan, for Satu Mare with Fag, Iordan and Alma, for Slobozia with Fag, Iordan, Alma and Jad for World Dog Show with Fag, Iordan and Alma.
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